Handling all the details of a commercial lease dispute in Arizona can be complicated and time-consuming. Business owners are already busy enough making sure their business is running smoothly without adding the complications, cost, and stress of a dispute with your landlord. That is why it is essential to your business’s success to have an experienced business litigation attorney representing your interests in any commercial lease dispute in Arizona.

Utilizing Over 25 Years Of Experience To Help Business Owners

The attorneys at Anthony Law Group have assisted Arizona business owners with simple and complex commercial lease disputes and business litigation matters for over 25 years. Our firm brings decades of experience to bear for our clients to assure them that their interests are being represented aggressively and fairly. This allows the client to stay focused on growing their business instead of worrying about the details of their lease agreement and/or dealing with a commercial lease dispute.

Experienced, Firsthand Knowledge Of Business Ownership

We understand the difficulties and sacrifices required to be a successful entrepreneur. Our attorneys make sure that your business litigation matters and commercial lease disputes receive the attention and care they deserve.

Common Commercial Lease Disputes in Arizona

Our firm has represented landlords and tenants with all types of commercial lease disputes. These disputes and cases range from delinquent or disputed rent payments and property damage to more complex disputes involving commercial construction projects and development litigation.  

Commercial Real Estate Contract Negotiation and Review

As the saying goes, “Everything’s negotiable.” That saying certainly holds true in complex commercial and industrial real estate contracts. There are many areas open to negotiation in a typical commercial lease agreement, from the amount of a security deposit to how utilities are handled to who pays for tenant improvements. Our attorneys can help offer creative solutions and unique proposals that will help your company succeed with the least risk and cost possible.

Commercial Real Estate Development in Arizona

Our firm can assist developers and contractors with every step of the process. Our attorneys have experience with the planning process, construction financing, zoning, contractor and subcontractor relationships, vendor management, and more.

Arizona Landlord-Tenant Law

Our attorneys represent commercial and residential real estate investors with all their landlord-tenant law issues. We help our clients set up all the necessary legal structures to protect and ensure their investments from potential problems and claims. Our attorneys help our clients understand all aspects required of compliance with Arizona Landlord-Tenant Law and to manage and grow a successful real estate investment portfolio in Arizona. Solid planning and proactive compliance with a landlord’s requirements will help your real estate business avoid many of the common commercial lease disputes.

How to Handle Common Commercial Lease Disputes

Many of the common issues that arise in commercial real estate are not within the control of either the landlord or the tenant. Changes to zoning laws, changing customer demands, and global pandemics are not things that can be anticipated. However, they must be dealt with swiftly to keep your business running smoothly, and to make sure that all parties involved are satisfied and that they have a fair agreement. Our attorneys bring decades of experience and creativity to our clients’ evolving commercial real estate needs. We have worked through changing local, state, and federal regulations and can assist your business as you work through any new challenges or disputes that arise with commercial real estate in Arizona.

Commercial and Industrial Real Estate Issues from Pandemic

Nearly every business owner has faced challenges and made adjustments related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our firm is committed to assisting our clients in meeting those challenges with smart, safe, and cost-effective solutions. We can assist clients with handling issues around non-payment of rent, costs associated with building enhancements or new safety protocols, and making sure your business stays compliant and avoids legal matters whenever possible.

Real Estate Agent and Broker Disputes

Our firm routinely represents real estate agents and brokers with a variety of real estate disputes. We work with real estate professionals on issues ranging from commission disputes, brokerage dissolutions, and claims on professional conduct or fiduciary duties. Real estate agents and brokers have many responsibilities to their clients, and dissatisfied clients can frequently pursue legal claims against their representatives. Our firm can represent you and your real estate practice or brokerage firm with any legal disputes. 

How Anthony Law Group Can Help Your Business

Anthony Law Group attorneys can assist clients with every facet of commercial real estate for their business. We help clients with an initial assessment of potential properties and negotiations of contract or lease agreements. Our firm also routinely reviews existing commercial lease agreements when possible changes or settlements are required. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges of operating physical locations, our attorneys can help you explore all options to avoid a potential legal case and explore all avenues to keep your business operational. Call our firm today at 602-362-2396 to schedule a consultation.

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