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With decades of experience handling construction litigation involving many different situations, the Anthony Law Group attorneys can help you with any construction disputes in Arizona. Our firm has represented clients with settlement negotiations, arbitration proceedings, and jury trials for straightforward and complex construction disputes. Anthony Law Group has the experience to represent you or your company with nearly any construction law issue or litigation in Arizona.  

Representing Clients with All Types of Construction Litigation:

Breach of Real Estate or Construction Contract in Arizona

The Anthony Law Group represents construction and real estate business clients needing help resolving construction contract disputes. Throughout the state, our firm has helped many clients resolve their legal issues in the areas of real estate and construction law. With our assistance, you and your company can stay focused on your ongoing construction projects as we handle any disputes or contract issues.

You can depend on us to represent you in these matters so you can keep your business moving forward. Our firm has represented all types of parties that are involved in construction projects, including owners, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, engineers, architects, and others.

What To Do When Allegations of Breach Of Contract Arise

We understand the contract and construction laws in Arizona, from the contract breach to the workmanship defect. Upon receiving your legal issue, we will strive diligently to reach a favorable resolution, so you may go back to focusing on your business. The Anthony Law Group will ensure you understand any issues and your questions are answered. Our goal is to educate you on the best options available to resolve a potential problem or pursue any claims.

We will assess the validity of the dispute(s) based on the contracts and any other supporting documentation. Our firm will create the strongest argument possible to support your case, whether you are the party seeking to enforce the contract or the party contesting its validity.

Construction Defects

If a defect occurs in the construction or design of a residential or commercial property, serious consequences may follow. If any projects have to be delayed because of a shortcoming, this could result in cost overruns and timing problems. Since some construction defects might not be noticed until after the project is finished, it is vital to work with experienced attorneys as soon as they are found to help avoid any risk of injury and loss of value to the project.

Through the pre-litigation, arbitration, and trial, The Anthony Law Group represents property owners, home builders, contractors, design professionals, and insurance companies in construction defect undertakings. We are here to defend clients against construction defect claims and to protect their rights and financial security. With many years of practice in the construction defect arena, The Anthony Law Group has developed unique expertise in guiding home builders through Arizona’s pre-litigation right to repair process. 

Types of Construction Defects: 

 It is nearly impossible to guarantee that every material used will be suitable or every process will be completed flawlessly. There will be differences in the finishing touches, so it is important to consider what can be regarded by a jury, judge, or arbitrator as a deficiency.  

  • Heating and air-conditioning systems and plumbing defects
  • Roof, windows, and doors
  • Landslides, groundwater intrusion, building code violations
  • Structural defects in load-bearing walls, trusses, foundations, and steel reinforcement
  • Roof leaks, sealant issues, seeping foundations, and stem wall defects
  • Design and architectural defects

Our firm can assist in reviewing any construction defects or issues to help you determine the best course of action for resolving the matter.

Pursuing Delay Damages in Arizona

Experiencing delays in big commercial construction projects can result in enormous losses. In many cases, the contractor and property owner are both going to experience significant losses. Even though the equipment and workers are not being utilized due to a dispute, contractors must continue to pay workers. Property owners also experience tremendous amounts of pressure because they cannot take possession of their property. This puts them in a vulnerable situation. They have deadlines to meet, or they will lose money and time. There are large sums at stake, so it is not surprising that significant construction defect cases or legal disputes often result in a court case because both sides have so much on the line. That’s why it is essential to work with experienced construction litigation attorneys that can accurately assess your case and provide you with detailed information about the potential case before proceeding down that road.

 Construction owners and contractors often address delays in bids and contracts to protect themselves from liability for construction delays. Contracts for commercial construction often contain liquidated damages clauses that assign penalties if the project’s completion date is exceeded. Even clauses including “no liability” and “delay provisions” can fail in court without careful drafting of the construction contract.

Mechanic’s Liens

The mechanic’s lien ensures that those who supply materials or perform professional services are paid for their work. Mechanic’s lien holders may collect payment from the property owner by selling the property when the lien has not been paid. It isn’t easy to take possession or sell someone’s residence with a mechanic’s lien, but commercial projects do not have many of the same protections.   

It takes a lawsuit and a court order for the mechanic’s lien holder to foreclose. Further, mechanic’s liens must meet certain requirements regarding what they must contain, how they must be presented, and what must be done by a specific deadline. These requirements are many times not followed by contractors and suppliers, resulting in their invalidity. Our firm can assist any contractor, subcontractor, or vendor in pursuing payment and eventually collecting with a mechanic’s lien if necessary.

Negligence Claims

Building construction is among the most dangerous industries in the United States, and workers face constant dangers that may endanger their health, their lives, their financial futures, and their stability.

Do construction site accidents tend to follow a typical pattern?

Due to heavy machinery and dangerous equipment, construction sites pose a considerable risk to workers. Phoenix construction sites are subject to numerous factors that can contribute to injuries. 

We see the following causes the most often:

  • Scaffolding collapsing
  • Electrocutions
  • Broken equipment
  • Vehicle crashes or workers being hit by a vehicle
  • Accidents involving slip and fall

An accident can affect any worker in any area of a construction site. The worker could suffer a traumatic brain injury as a result of a beam falling from above and being struck on the head, chemical exposure can lead to occupational illnesses, and an unsuspecting worker could suffer injuries or die when a stairway or trench collapses. The danger is everywhere. This is one of the main reasons every property developer, builder, contractor, and subcontractor should have experienced construction attorneys representing their business. Our firm can help review your current practices to ensure that your company is not taking undue risks because of inadequate or unsafe work processes. We can also assist in pursuing a fair resolution if an injury has taken place.

Bond Claims

A bid bond, performance bond, and payment bond are the three types of bonds in Arizona.

The three types of bonds are:

  • The bid bond ensures the owner of the construction project if the principal, say a contractor, does not honor the bid.
  • Contractors use performance bonds to ensure that the contract will be completed as agreed
  • Subcontractors and others are guaranteed payments under a payment bond. 

Competitive bidding disputes often arise with a bid bond because a successful bidder fails to sign any agreements or provide the necessary performance and payment bonds. 

A dispute may also arise if the obligee defaults and performance payments bonds are demanded. The Anthony Law Group is dedicated to helping our clients look into and respond to defaults. We will negotiate for you and outline a draft release and settlement documents. When negotiations fail, our surety attorneys represent the surety in litigation and indemnity actions.

Our firm can assist with filing any claims for unpaid work and help make sure your company is paid for the work you’ve completed. 

Contractor Claims

Experienced Construction Litigation Attorneys in Arizona

There are many factors to consider when choosing an attorney to represent your interests — the most important one is that they are experienced in dispute resolution. Our team offers consistent and clear communication so that you’re aware of every step of the process and involved in pursuing the best resolution possible for your company.

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