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Do you own a small business or plan to start a business venture in Arizona? The skilled legal team of Anthony Law Group is here to help you comply with legal requirements, navigate important agreements, and protect your interests throughout all stages of business growth. No matter what industry you work in, we provide comprehensive legal solutions for your Arizona business.

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Why You Need a Small Business Lawyer Right Now

Do you really need to look up “small business lawyers near me” if your business or startup is just taking its first steps? Unlike what some entrepreneurs believe, corporate lawyers aren’t just for large companies or defense against business lawsuits. Working with an experienced small business lawyer from the earliest stage of your venture can help you:

  • Use the right business structure
  • Ensure compliance with licensing, insurance, and employment law requirements in Arizona
  • Protect your intellectual assets against competitors
  • Shield yourself from personal liability for company debts
  • Avoid lawsuits and claims that could harm your company’s reputation

The bottom line: start working with a small business owner right now to save time, trouble, and money down the road.

Our Small Business Law Practice Areas

As your small business lawyers, we at Anthony Law Group provide a comprehensive range of legal services in the area of Phoenix, AZ.

Setting Up Your Business

Should you form a partnership, sole proprietorship, or LLC? What types of insurance does your business need and how can you protect yourself from liability and lawsuits? At Anthony Law Group, we help you sail smoothly through business formation. Our lawyers will:

  • Suggest the optimal structure for your venture’s current and future needs
  • Help you keep business and personal assets separate
  • Provide guidance on insurance your business should carry, like workers’ comp, general liability, professional liability, and cyber insurance

Employment Contracts

Navigating employment law is one of the trickiest aspects of running a small business in Arizona. Whether you hire employees or rely on independent contractors, you’ll have to ensure legal compliance and safeguard your interests. Our legal team can help you draft:

  • Employment and compensation agreements that reduce the risk of lawsuits
  • Non-disclosure, non-compete, and non-solicitation agreements to protect trade secrets and shield your business against dishonest competition
  • Workplace safety and instruction manuals for full compliance with OSHA requirements

Business Transactions

Consulting a “business contract lawyer near me” may help you avoid contractual missteps and oversights that could compromise your business interests. At Anthony Law Group, we create, review, and amend business agreements of all types, such as:

  • Shareholder and partner agreements
  • Financing agreements
  • Sale and purchase agreements
  • Vendor and supplier contracts
  • Commercial leases

Structural Changes and Business Growth

With time, your business may change and expand. You may begin as a partnership or sole proprietorship and incorporate your business down the road to gain credibility and reap tax benefits. You could open new branches outside your state or even abroad. As your business grows, our legal team can help you navigate:

  • Business structure shifts, like incorporation, acquisition, franchising, or merging
  • Operating in other states and internationally
  • The legal, tax, and financial implications of updating your corporate structure

Disputes and Litigation

Even if you do your best to comply with all legal requirements, eventually you may face litigation and need to look for a “business litigation lawyer near me.” Whether your business needs to pursue or defend against legal action, our law firm is here to shield your reputation and protect your interests. We can:

  • Draft business documentation that helps avoid disputes
  • Resolve business disputes through negotiation
  • Represent you in court if other dispute resolution methods fail

When Do You Need a Small Business Lawyer?

Business formation is the first crucial stage during which you may need legal help. Once you’ve set up your business, many other situations may call for working with a small business lawyer. For example, you may consult a business attorney if:

  • You are negotiating a shareholder agreement or an important employee contract
  • A former employee files a lawsuit against you for alleged discrimination
  • Environmental policies in Arizona change and you need to ensure compliance with updated regulations
  • Your company prepares to purchase a major business or real estate asset
  • You are considering restructuring your businesses, e.g., incorporation, franchising, or merging
  • Your business runs into financial difficulties or incurs tax penalties
  • You are preparing to sell your business
  • You are getting ready to retire and need to plan for business succession

What Makes Anthony Law Group a Superior Choice for Phoenix Business Owners

If you’re looking up “small business lawyers near me” or “lawyers for business startup near me,” you may wonder how to choose the right attorney for your venture’s needs. So why do business owners in the Phoenix metro area work with Anthony Law Group? We offer:

  • Experience. We have practiced Arizona business law for over 25 years and have successfully resolved countless business disputes.
  • Personal approach. Attorney Stephen J. Anthony, founder of Anthony Law Group, personally handles the legal needs of your business.
  • End-to-end solutions. We supply all the legal services your business needs, from contracts and agreements to commercial lease disputes and business litigation.
  • Assertive conflict resolution. Our law firm has an outstanding track record resolving matters like breach of contract, business fraud, partnership disputes, and other corporate conflict situations. Your business is safe in our hands.
  • Flexible appointments. We are ready to accommodate your schedule with after-hours and weekend consultations as necessary.

Anthony Law Group: Trusted Legal Counsel and Support for Small Businesses in Phoenix, AZ

Anthony Law Group provides comprehensive solutions for all business law matters in Arizona. Our experienced and reliable legal team is here to support your business formation and growth, safeguard your interests throughout various agreements, and prevent and resolve business disputes.

Protect your business with Anthony Law Group. Call (602) 362-2396 or contact our firm online to consult a skilled small business lawyer in Phoenix, AZ.

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