There are many challenges to growing and operating a business. Getting it to a point where there is predictable revenue and adequate profits to pay you and your employees is one of the challenges you will face. Any business litigation or legal dispute can threaten your business’s longevity if you are not prepared to defend your interests. The attorneys at Anthony Law Group are well versed in the challenges of being a business owner and can make sure your legal interests are vigorously defended against any legal claims or business litigation in Arizona.

Veteran Trial Attorneys

Our attorneys are highly effective trial attorneys. We know how the local courts operate, how they handle cases, procedures, and processes that go along with any business matter. We also understand all the laws governing businesses in Arizona in extensive detail.


Stephen Anthony, our founding attorney, has tried cases on all the common, and not so common business litigation issues. Additionally, he has negotiated disputes through the American Arbitration Association and other alternative dispute resolution, achieving successful and cost-effective results for many clients. 

We handle the following types of litigation matters on behalf of entrepreneurs, investors, real estate brokers, construction companies, restaurateurs, property managers, store owners, real estate developers, commercial landlord/tenants, and residential buyers and sellers:

Commercial Lease Disputes

Any commercial lease dispute adds immediate risk to any business that requires a physical location to continue daily operations. That’s why it’s so important to have the representation of attorneys with significant experience in the complexities of commercial lease disputes. Regardless of the type of dispute, our team of commercial litigators will work past any hurdles with aggressiveness and the willingness to consider different ideas or opinions that can help predict additional confrontations. Our approach to every case: Advocate strongly for your position, resolve the controversy as efficiently as possible while achieving the best outcome – while limiting the disruptions and expenses to you.

Business Purchase Fraud

The process of selling or buying a business requires some work. “Due Diligence” is the process of reviewing a company’s performance in the marketplace, as well as its reputation in the community and within the industry. 

Changes in the market and personal circumstances are often undisclosed. A seller’s stated reason for selling might not cover all the issues or risks facing their business. A seller cannot purposely misrepresent the company, even if they do not intend to; we must ask the right questions and find out the answers. Regardless of your business dispute, our team of litigators can help make sure that all the proper due diligence is completed before the purchase or sale of a business is completed. Our firm can also assist with reviewing a transaction that has already been completed to explore any possible business purchase fraud.

Liens and Foreclosures

Arizona property liens are a written notice that a debt is allegedly owed and that the debtor may claim real estate. In the event payments cannot be met, the property will be seized as collateral. The debt may be paid off through the sale of the property or by foreclosure.

The Anthony Law Group handles a substantial number of lien foreclosure actions each year. Their experience can provide strategic advice related to lien priority, foreclosure timing, and assignments.

Misrepresentations/failure to disclose residential real estate defects

It is essential that a seller discloses all property defects to a buyer by utilizing The Arizona Association of Realtors Seller Property Disclosure Statement (SPD), whether it is commercial or residential. When a property has a defect which the seller failed to disclose, the buyer can claim fraud and receive punitive damages. Our attorneys are experienced in pursuing all avenues for a fair outcome when a seller has misrepresented or failed to disclose property defects.

Property Disputes

We work with real estate investors, real estate businesses, real estate agents, real estate appraisers, homeowners, and others. Often, our clients want legal advice that will help them avoid litigation. Nevertheless, if litigation is required, our clients can rest assured that our experienced attorneys will pursue every legal avenue to protect their interests in a property dispute in Arizona.

Real estate is a complex and dynamic world, so we understand what is at stake for our clients and can view issues from their perspective. The client’s budget is always kept top of mind.

Would you like to discuss real estate litigation with an experienced lawyer? The Anthony Law Group is highly skilled at putting together effective real estate strategies that are custom-tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

Breach of Sales Contract

An experienced contract lawyer should review any contract that you might be considering. The contract should be written with definite terms and examined by an attorney before it is agreed to, even when facing a “friendly” deal with someone you have known for years. 

We handle all types of contracts, including business transactions and potential settlements from litigation involving disputes. The Anthony Law Group represents our clients’ interests in real estate contracts and a wide range of personal matters and business contracts.

Shareholder Disputes

When you are having disputes over your business’s direction and control, you need the best possible legal representation from our experienced Arizona shareholder dispute attorneys. A settlement is not always an option, and litigation might be the only way to achieve a fair outcome for your interests.

Our shareholder dispute litigation lawyers at The Anthony Law Group assist you through this process, ensuring the best outcome possible.

Dissolution Matters

In the business world, anyone in business for long enough will eventually encounter a legal dispute. Legal disputes can impact everyone involved with the company, from customers to trade partners to employees. A parting of ways is quite common in businesses due to conflicts between stakeholders. A dissolution, informally known as a “business divorce,” is undeniably stressful, and our attorneys can help you through this challenging time and make sure that your interests are represented fairly.


Debt collection can be a long and tiresome process. The Anthony Law Group can assist people who do not have the time to pursue collections themselves, such as attorneys and business people, or people who do not want to deal with collections themselves.

The Anthony Law Group employs the best strategy for your case. Suppose it is apparent from the start that the debt cannot be collected. In that case, we provide detailed legal justification for why it could be an expensive and time-consuming process to continue pursuing.

Non-Competition and Non-Solicitation Agreements

In business, you are bound to have some employees leave your company and start to work for a competitor at some point. Non-compete agreements can protect you against some of that risk by preventing former employees from soliciting your customers for a certain amount of time. Protecting your trade secrets or securing confidential information is another benefit of a non-compete agreement. Additionally, non-compete agreements are a core part of protecting your interests if you are buying a business. Our firm can help you explore all the ways that non-compete and non-solicitation agreements can protect your business interests.

Modifications of Contracts

At one point or another, you are bound to need assistance with modifying an existing contract. When that time comes, our attorneys are here to assist you with any questions or modifications to existing contracts. We can review and dissect existing contracts to predict any legal consequences to changes or potentially pursue changes to existing contracts. You are better off investing in a clear written contract on paper than to be involved in a lawsuit in the future over an agreement that was not properly drafted.

Options for Alternative Dispute Resolutions

A courtroom battle is sometimes the only way to resolve a dispute. However, a negotiated approach is often better and typically much less expensive.

In situations where a dispute can be handled outside of court, our attorneys have served as arbitrators and mediators appointed by the court to resolve many informal business-related conflicts. We can help you explore alternative dispute resolution in Arizona.

Contact us at 602-362-2396 to find out how we can help resolve your business matter. We can meet with you, discuss your anticipated goals, and find a realistic strategy to reach those goals.


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