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When businesses spend time and money developing innovative new ideas, processes, or other items that give them an edge over their competitors, they risk losing all of their invested resources if those trade secrets are stolen.

At The Anthony Law Group, we defend clients’ trade secrets and help them maintain their competitive edge. Our attorneys located in Scottsdale, Arizona, assist individuals, inventors, and small and medium-sized businesses throughout the state in misappropriation of trade secret cases.

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How Anthony Law Group Can Help

You should have a plan in place for when your data is illegally taken. You may use the following tips to help your company protect its intellectual property. What happens if your business’s intellectual property and know-how is stolen, such as client lists, pricing data, unique processes, and other proprietary information?

You can protect against data theft or misuse of trade secrets by current/former employees and competitors, which can destroy your hard-earned advantages and bottom line, by entering into Non-disclosure/non-compete covenants as well as well-constructed contracts.  You can safeguard your business plans, manufacturing secrets, proprietary software, and client data using our legal team’s assistance.  If these precautions do not prevent theft or misuse, we will immediately act as a powerful legal advocate on your behalf while also utilizing the full force of the law to defend your rights.

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If you are engaged in a business dispute regarding proprietary business information, you need lawyers who will fight to protect your business’s financial investments and competitive edge.

At The Anthony Law Group, we have more than 25 years of trial experience and have an established reputation in the local legal community for being strong courtroom advocates. We are committed to getting results and will go the extra mile to protect our clients’ interests.

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