Help Drafting Commercial Lease Agreements

Commercial lease agreements are not easy documents to craft. The experienced real estate attorneys at Anthony Law Group can help ensure your commercial lease is lawful and enforceable.

Commercial Sales Agreements and Leases

We work closely with our clients to negotiate, write, and review sales agreements and commercial leases. A well-written and comprehensive buy-sell agreement or lease is critical to both landlord/seller and tenant/buyer. Both documents help protect all parties involved by clearly outlining important terms including but not limited non-rental obligations of both parties, due diligence requirements, indemnity obligations, basis for rental increases, and dispute resolution clauses.

In addition to the above, we also advise commercial owners about going dark rights, commercial insurance, and hours of operation restrictions.

From commercial land development to commercial tenant-landlord leases, the team at Anthony Law Group can help ensure the process is quick, easy, and complete. We help developers and small businesses alike as they search for the right property. We always work hard to limit our clients’ risk of exposure to legal complications as well as to provide them with the best representation possible should legal disputes arise.

Let our comprehensive legal services protect your interests and your rights with a valid commercial lease agreement or commercial sales agreement.

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