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When an individual dies, there are often disputes that arise regarding the distribution of property — or even the validity of a will.

Perhaps children from a prior marriage are disputing the distribution of a testator’s assets or his or her stipulations regarding a valuable family heirloom, piece of art or furniture. Perhaps a beneficiary is suspected of influencing the testator’s state of mind when he or she created the will or trust.

There are countless reasons that can give rise to a probate or trust dispute.

Decades Of Legal Experience

At Associates Law Group, our Phoenix, Arizona, legal team has decades of experience resolving many types of legal disputes via arbitration and litigation.

Our co-founding attorney has been lead counsel in numerous jury trials and arbitration proceedings.

High-Quality Service At Below Market Rate

At Associates  Law Group, we also recognize the importance of legal fees. Many individuals simply cannot afford to pay the fees charged at top law firms. And they don’t have to.

Our lawyers have similar experience and a high knowledge of the law found at large downtown law firms. We provide the same level of service, yet without the skyrocketing legal costs often associated with dealing with a sophisticated firm.

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Our attorneys are highly skilled mediators, arbitrators and negotiators. If you need legal assistance resolving a dispute regarding a will or trust, call our firm to set up a consult.

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