Price Escalation Considerations in Arizona Construction Contracts

Provisions for Construction Contracts

In today’s ever-fluctuating market, the necessity of price escalation clauses is increasingly becoming important. While some material costs are rising and others are declining, traditional lump sum contract structures do not account for these cost changes. Cost-plus contracts have been created with this sort of price volatility in mind. However, many owners may prefer lump sum contracts due to their specific budgeting capabilities. It is

Arizona Building Construction Contracts Provisions

Provisions for Construction Contracts

Construction Contracts Provisions Construction contracts are more than one size fits all. They can be as varied as the buildings/projects that they cover — some are just a single-page proposal, while others have hundreds of pages and sections. Certain provisions should be included in any contract if you are a building owner or general contractor. We have put together a list of ten(10) key contractual

Real Estate Litigation

Trade Secret Theft Laws in Arizona

Today’s real estate market is full of legal disputes. Some real estate squabbles can be handled out of court, but when the parties are unable to settle on a solution, real estate litigation becomes necessary. Whether you are a homeowner, a condominium association, a property management firm, or a commercial real estate developer, you will probably face an issue with your property at some time

What You Need to Know About Real Estate Litigation in Arizona

Can a Quitclaim Deed Be Contested?

To be an effective phoenix real estate attorney, you must be knowledgeable in real estate transactions and litigation. Many attorneys are limited to one area of expertise and do not have the experience to litigate complex real estate cases effectively. Attorney Stephen J. Anthony has over 25 years of real estate litigation experience. He has successfully represented homeowners, landlords, tenants, investors, developers, builders, contractors, subcontractors,

How To Handle Legal Disputes with Arizona Construction Contractors

Arizona Construction Dispute Attorney

From catastrophic defects to contractual disagreements, disputes come in many forms. When things go as planned, commercial buildings lead to significant profits. However, high reward often comes with high risk, and if things go wrong, commercial projects can lead to serious disputes leaving you with long-term legal troubles. This article will outline several common construction legal disputes to look out for when working with commercial

Six Tips to Avoid Arizona Real Estate Legal Disputes


The Arizona real estate market may be booming, but that doesn’t mean that you should ignore the potential of legal disputes. Failing to do so could result in costly litigation or, even worse, loss of property rights entirely. To avoid legal disputes when buying or selling residential real estate in Arizona, keep these tips in mind at all times.   1. Buy Property From a

Arizona Property Line Disputes: What to Do When Your Neighbor Crosses the Line


Depending on the location of your home, boundary disputes are common in the real estate market. What do you do when a neighbor crosses your line and starts working on their property? How can you legally establish your property boundaries? What should you do if there’s a dispute over where one person’s land ends and another person’s begins? These property line legal disputes can have

Why Home Inspections Should not be Waived When Purchasing a House

With a bustling real estate industry and competition for properties rising, it has become commonplace to seek any advantage possible to elevate their offer. For many buyers, this equates to waiving anything possible to present an appealing package to sellers. One thing that should never be waived, however, is the home inspection. In fact, buyers should do everything in their power to fully complete their

Can You Sue a Business Partner?

Help With Business Dispute Resolution While no one starts a business relationship with the intent of souring the relationship and suing their partner, sometimes doing just that is the only possible remedy to protect yourself and avoid further conflict. This is especially true if the partner in question has harmed your reputation or your business’ reputation or has taken some other action to undermine the

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