What Does Due Diligence Mean in a Real Estate Contract?

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What Does Due Diligence Mean in a Real Estate Contract? Just what does due diligence mean in a real estate contract? If you are looking to purchase residential or commercial properties in Arizona, that becomes a pivotal question. Anthony Law Group’s real estate lawyers in Phoenix, AZ, break down the purpose and process surrounding due diligence below. You’ll also find out what to expect when

Potential Complications of Adding a Non-Married Partner to a Deed in Arizona

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When it comes to owning real estate, adding a non-married partner’s name to a property deed is a significant decision that carries serious legal and financial implications. While it is relatively straightforward for married couples to include a spouse’s name on a deed, the process becomes more complicated and problematic for non-married couples in Arizona. The following discussion explores potential complications that may arise from

What Does a Real Estate Lawyer Do?

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What Does a Real Estate Attorney Do? Understanding Their Vital Role in Property Transactions When navigating the complex landscape of real estate transactions, a competent and experienced Scottsdale real estate lawyer can make all the difference. Real estate law involves a myriad of legal intricacies and potential pitfalls that can arise during property transactions. Whether buying, selling, leasing, or developing real estate, a real estate

Can a Co-Owner Sell a Property Without Every other Owner’s Permission in Arizona?

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Co-owning real estaste property can obviously be beneficial, allowing individuals to share in the responsibilities and expenses of property ownership. However, disagreements can arise regarding important decisions like selling the property. As an Arizona-based law firm specializing in real estate matters, Anthony Law Group is here to address the question: Can a co-owner sell a property without everyone’s permission in Arizona? Let’s explore the legal

What is a Seller’s Disclosure? Here’s Why It’s Important

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Whether you’re about to purchase a new condo or sell your current home, there is a lot to learn and paperwork to sign. One of these critical documents is called a seller’s disclosure. A seller’s disclosure, also known as a property disclosure, is a document that sellers are legally required to provide buyers. This piece of paperwork will include all the undisclosed details related to

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