Employee Classification Guide for Arizona Business Owners

Employee Classification Guide for Arizona Business Owners Starting a new business in Arizona takes lots of organization and effort. Your excitement about this venture can potentially cause you to forget to  adhere to federal or state laws concerning employees. These regulations have significant influence over how you hire and compensate your employees. Anthony Law Group’s business lawyer in Phoenix, Arizona offers guidance on how to navigate

Tips for Settling Common Business Partnership Disputes

Partnership Disputes

Business partnerships hold great promise but disputes between partners can occur that threaten success. Swift resolution is vital for maintaining productivity. Discover seven essential strategies to settle common business partnership disputes before they escalate. Establish a Comprehensive Partnership Agreement: A detailed partnership agreement is crucial for a harmonious relationship. It delineates the parties’ rights, responsibilities, and dispute resolution mechanisms, which will hopefully allow conflicts to

Can a Co-Owner Sell a Property Without Every other Owner’s Permission in Arizona?

Resolving Property Disputes

Co-owning real estaste property can obviously be beneficial, allowing individuals to share in the responsibilities and expenses of property ownership. However, disagreements can arise regarding important decisions like selling the property. As an Arizona-based law firm specializing in real estate matters, Anthony Law Group is here to address the question: Can a co-owner sell a property without everyone’s permission in Arizona? Let’s explore the legal


Partnership Disputes

As proprietors of private corporations, founders often accidentally create contention among current and would-be owners. The legal professionals at Anthony Law Group are familiar with the disputes that arise within partnerships, organizations or LLCs due to misunderstandings over an individual’s share in the company because of their involvement during its formation and early success. A common situation occurs when friends or family offer their services

Tips for Breaking up With a Business Partner

Business Litigation

Starting a company can be one of the most thrilling times in a person’s life. People spend years, if not decades, developing their ideas and planning to establish a business. Many new business owners select to have a business partner, which usually comes with several advantages, but can also lead to disagreements. So, you should be aware of the business laws in Arizona in terms

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