Commercial Lease Termination in Arizona

Commercial Lease Disputes

Navigating Commercial Lease Termination in Arizona: A Comprehensive Guide by Anthony Law Group When it comes to commercial real estate, navigating the complexities of lease terminations is a crucial aspect for both landlords and tenants in Arizona. Understanding the legal nuances and obligations associated with lease terminations can significantly impact the outcome of commercial property agreements. At Anthony Law Group, we aim to provide comprehensive

Commercial Real Estate Litigation in Arizona

What are the Most Common Causes of Commercial Real Estate Litigation in Arizona? Commercial real estate litigation can occur in many situations. However, the most common causes of commercial real estate litigation are breach of contract, commercial real estate finance disputes, commercial lease disputes, negligence or breach of duty, specific performance, boundary disputes, real estate partnerships or joint venture disputes, and property insurance and land

What happens to your Commercial Lease in Arizona when Ownership Changes?

Change of Ownership in your Commercial Lease? Here is everything You Need to Know When the ownership of property changes in Arizona, the commercial lease associated with that property generally remains in effect. The lease is a legally binding agreement between the tenant (lessee) and the landlord (lessor), and it typically continues to be valid regardless of any changes in ownership. The New Owner Must Honor your Lease. The Arizona Revised Statutes and common lease provisions

When Arizona Commercial Real Estate Businesses Should Hire Litigation Attorneys

Commercial real estate businesses in Arizona should hire litigation lawyers when they discover a legal problem. Ideally, they should work with legal representation early on to avoid problems. If you do file a lawsuit, Arizona commercial real estate lawyers can help you build a case strategy. In this article, Anthony Law Group describes eight everyday situations where you need an Arizona commercial real estate attorney.

5 Reasons for Arizona Businesses to Hire a Commercial Real Estate Attorney

Can a Quitclaim Deed Be Contested?

Commercial real estate is a large investment that innately comes with a certain amount of risk. Add in the overall complexity of commercial real estate transactions, and you’ve got a recipe for potential setbacks and costly mistakes. While the risks of a commercial real estate investment cannot be completely avoided, you can take more control back by strategically navigating the process with an experienced commercial

Commercial Real Estate Laws That Arizona Business Owners Need to Know About

Many investors find the prospect of commercial real estate attractive. A well-managed commercial structure with trustworthy, long-term tenants may be quite lucrative for the landlord, and it is almost certainly a route to financial security. But, despite its many benefits, there are a few things to think about for real estate investors considering a purchase when it comes to commercial real estate law in Arizona

Breaking a Commercial Lease: Everything You Need to Know

Commercial Lease Disputes Breaking or terminating a commercial lease can be complicated. Our attorneys can help ensure the process is as smooth as possible. Why do commercial leases need to be broken? There are a variety of reasons that lead to commercial lease termination. Tenants sometimes find that their companies simply are not generating the revenue necessary to stay in business, or perhaps they come

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