Why Home Inspections Should not be Waived When Purchasing a House

With a bustling real estate industry and competition for properties rising, it has become commonplace to seek any advantage possible to elevate their offer. For many buyers, this equates to waiving anything possible to present an appealing package to sellers. One thing that should never be waived, however, is the home inspection. In fact, buyers should do everything in their power to fully complete their

Finding and Dealing with “Clouds on Titles” to Real Property

Buying real property is a complex process that can sometimes result in unwelcome surprises. Issues with titles are among the most frustrating of these. Buyers must always ensure that the title of the property in question is clear of any complications that might “cloud” or negatively impact the ownership of the property. Known as “cloud on title”, these problems can impact the ability of the

Breaking a Commercial Lease: Everything You Need to Know

Commercial Lease Disputes Breaking or terminating a commercial lease can be complicated. Our attorneys can help ensure the process is as smooth as possible. Why do commercial leases need to be broken? There are a variety of reasons that lead to commercial lease termination. Tenants sometimes find that their companies simply are not generating the revenue necessary to stay in business, or perhaps they come

Can You Sue a Business Partner?

Help With Business Dispute Resolution While no one starts a business relationship with the intent of souring the relationship and suing their partner, sometimes doing just that is the only possible remedy to protect yourself and avoid further conflict. This is especially true if the partner in question has harmed your reputation or your business’ reputation or has taken some other action to undermine the

I Have a Business Partner That is Committing Fraud.

Special Considerations

What to do When Your Business Partner is Committing Fraud In general, a partnership is designed to ensure that all parties share wins and losses equally. This includes making decisions that are for the best of all partners, not just for a single individual. In many cases, this form of business works quite well. In others, however, things can quickly sour and put the business

Dealing with a Bad Business Partner

Judicial Process of Probate

I have a business partner that is not including me in the key decisions. Establishing a business can be quite difficult, and partnerships are often easier to enter into than incorporating. With that said, there are also some caveats that can make this option less than desirable. It is important to understand your rights as well as how to enforce them if you find yourself

Neighbor Easement Problems? Everything You Need to Know

Resolving Property

My Neighbor is Claiming That He Has an Easement That Crosses Over My Property Most property owners believe that they can use their land for anything they would like as long it is within the bounds of the law. One important potential exception is an easement. Whether the easement is from a residential neighbor or a commercial one, there are certain things to be aware

How to Handle a Property Dispute With Your Neighbor

Arizona Property Dispute

My Neighbor Has Built a Wall That Crosses Over the Property Line Few things cause the level of conflict that property line disputes manage to create. The frustration is easy to understand. Homeowners want every inch of their property to be usable, and someone encroaching on that space is concerning. What can be done if your neighbor builds a wall that crosses over the property

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