Arizona Building Construction Contracts Provisions

Provisions for Construction Contracts

Construction Contracts Provisions Construction contracts are more than one size fits all. They can be as varied as the buildings/projects that they cover — some are just a single-page proposal, while others have hundreds of pages and sections. Certain provisions should be included in any contract if you are a building owner or general contractor. We have put together a list of ten(10) key contractual

Tips for Breaking up With a Business Partner

Business Litigation

Starting a company can be one of the most thrilling times in a person’s life. People spend years, if not decades, developing their ideas and planning to establish a business. Many new business owners select to have a business partner, which usually comes with several advantages, but can also lead to disagreements. So, you should be aware of the business laws in Arizona in terms


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A common problem in Arizona is how does someone protect themselves when they have a dispute concerning real property.  The last thing you want to have happen is for one of the parties involved in the dispute to sell the real property that is disputed before a lawsuit has finished. For example, if Person A invested money to help purchase real estate owned by Person

What is a construction defect?

Construction Defects Attorney

The construction defect attorneys at Anthony Law Group in Arizona can help you prove or defend a claim and advise you on the recommended next steps. If the situation develops, we adopt alternative dispute resolution methods to attempt to resolve disputes out of court. Whether you are a construction business or professional who has received a Notice of Claim from a building owner or need

Real Estate Litigation

Today’s real estate market is full of legal disputes. Some real estate squabbles can be handled out of court, but when the parties are unable to settle on a solution, real estate litigation becomes necessary. Whether you are a homeowner, a condominium association, a property management firm, or a commercial real estate developer, you will probably face an issue with your property at some time


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There has been a rise in civil RICO litigation in recent years. Under the federal RICO Act and the Arizona RICO Act, an individual or business that suffered losses due to criminal racketeering can seek justice and compensation. Additional compensation is available in a civil RICO claim—but it is more difficult to prove liability. Federal and state courts have consistently ruled that there are important

Tips for Settling Common Business Partnership Disputes

Partnership Disputes

Disputes between business partners are, unfortunately, all too common. Whether it’s about who gets to make the final decision about company direction or who gets more of the profits, partners can sometimes get into heated arguments that end in one partner leaving the company or even taking it over by force. To avoid this situation and help your business run smoothly, here are seven tips

Steps to take after a Business Contract has been Breached

Breach Of Contract

When your company enters into a contract with another party—a customer, client, or vendor, for example—both you and the other party are obligated to fulfill the provisions of that agreement. If either party fails to fulfill any of the conditions in the contract, a breach of contract has occurred. What’s the Next Step After a Contract Breach? So, after a contract has been breached, what

What You Need to Know About Real Estate Litigation in Arizona

To be an effective phoenix real estate attorney, you must be knowledgeable in real estate transactions and litigation. Many attorneys are limited to one area of expertise and do not have the experience to litigate complex real estate cases effectively. Attorney Stephen J. Anthony has over 25 years of real estate litigation experience. He has successfully represented homeowners, landlords, tenants, investors, developers, builders, contractors, subcontractors,

Knowing the difference between an Operating Agreement and a Shareholder Agreement

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Two common types of small business formations are corporations and limited liability companies. If you have multiple owners of either type of company, it is important to make sure that the ownership structure is clearly defined and clearly understood by all shareholders or members. Operating agreements are used for limited liability companies with multiple members, and shareholder agreements are used for corporations with multiple shareholders.

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